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Via Certified Mail
  Philipp Lenssen
  Google Blogoscoped
  Rudolfstr. 8, 70190
  Stuttgart, Germany
  May 2, 2005


This firm represents Search Optimization, Inc. (the "Company"). it has come to our attention that you have engaged in a campaign to discredit and damage the Company by posting negative comments regarding the Company and it's products and services oon the Google Blogoscoped website. For example, in a recent posting dates as of April 25, 2005, you state that the Company's Google ranking indicates that the Company has lost the biggest proof that its services are worth paying for, and you further state that the fact that the Company's website has seen the "Google death penalty" indicates that the Company has "overoptimized using 'black hat' search engine optimization." Such comments may have the effect of damaging the Company's reputation and the Company's existing and prospective business relationships. Pursuant to this letter, we demand that you cease and desist all such activity.

Unless you immediately cease and desist all such activities, the Company will have no choice bit to take appropriate legal steps to enforce and protect its rights including, without limitation, filing claims for unfair business practices of the State of California, and for trade libel and interference with the Company' business relationships. The remedies for such causes of action include injunctive relief and substantial monetary damages.

Please immediately acknowledge your receipt of this letter and your intent to comply with the request as set forth herein.

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